Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New engine cycle is 60% efficient

Analysis of a new engine design is complete! Here are some facts about it:

1. Utilizes a new thermodynamic cycle

2. Will run on most fuels interchangeably with very low emissions

3. Initial design is a compact engine, 130 hp

4. Over 60% efficient over most of its operating range

5. Which means it can help to stop global warming!

We are now looking at ways to fund construction of the small prototype engine. Any suggestions or offers of assistance are welcome. I may be reached at Ernsdesk@aol.com

The engine design is built around a new "thermodynamic cycle." This is a simplified model of how the engine works, which ignores all the messy details of a real engine such as friction, heat loss, and inertia. The cycle is described as a sequence of operations on a captive ideal gas. The new engine cycle is a combination of two old cycles, the Atkinson (or Miller) cycle and the Diesel cycle: the Atkinson-Diesel cycle.

Oh, no, you can't use this ideal cycle formula to design the exact engine and determine its efficiency, but it gives direction to the analysis. A separate program is used for the actual engine design.

I wanted to post the complete description of the cycle and derivation of the cycle efficiency here, but the equations didn't come over in the document. Send me an email if you would like a copy of the complete Atkinson-Diesel cycle description.